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The EnvEve team is passionately driving data-enabled precision agriculture to make a real impact on the life of farmers, their communities and their natural environment. 

We prove simple to use, versatile, high performing tools to help farmers make the right decisions, every day: “When shall I plant and what variety? When shall I irrigate and how much? When is the best time to spray chemicals, to harvest, to get professional advice?” 

Our aim: empower farmers to increase their chances for a good harvest. 

However, this is not enough to make the farmers’ life safer: Agriculture is the world’s biggest business, but 75% of it remains uninsured. And for the vast majority of the world’s 450-500 million smallholder farmers, appropriate insurance is not available. Those farmers play a vital role in food production and food security, yet are exposed to increased climate risks, beyond their control. In order to develop and scale-up low-cost high-value insurance products for those farmers, new partnerships are crucial.

The role of Enveve in these partnerships is to digitally connect all value chain partners, but most importantly also to innovate how complex processes can be digitalized and provide the technology basis to leap-frog from traditional to pioneering insurance products.

Our aim: Unlock the potential of combining advice for successful farming with a broad range of affordable insurance solutions on a single digital platform.




Pioneering digital technologies since 2003, Marco Brini founded EnvEve SA in 2008, developing highly innovative IoT technologies for environmental risk management and decision support. He commercialized his international award-winning hardware and software solutions for forest fire prediction, pest presence prediction, natural hazards such as rock falling or pollution monitoring across Europe and beyond. Today, EnvEve continues to provide dynamic forecasting of forest fire risks for the much-exposed forests of Canton Ticino (Switzerland) and Regione Lombardia (Italy). Read more…

Pivoting to agronomy, EnvEve was selected in 2013 by Nestlé and Syngenta to lead a disruptive technology development to foster sustainable intensification agriculture with Agroscope – the Swiss federal center of excellence for agronomic research -, implementing advanced predictive analytics and integrating Artificial Intelligence. During the multi-year program, Enveve’s cloud-based interoperable digital platform AGRONOMEET was scientifically validated under rough real-world conditions. Get the full report

Starting in 2018 and accelerating since 2019, EnvEve has been building up various technology partnerships. Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture chose Enveve as the technology partner to jointly develop a very powerful, versatile tool to provide both ‘crop advisory services’ and ‘insurance solutions’ simultaneously from the same platform. Launched in September 2019, the Resilience Engine (RE) was started in Bangladesh and will be expanded to other countries in Asia and Africa. Read more…





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Smart farming integrated with insurance to build resilience. 




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