AGRONOMEET™, EnvEve’s cloud-based digital platform, gives users easy access to global weather data and provides farmers with real-time information about their crops and how best to manage them. An interoperable platform, allowing users to integrate all types of hardware and tap into multiple data sources at the same time, AGRONOMEET offers data modeling and predictive analytics, enabling users to visualize and exchange data for advanced decision support. Through the integration of historic data series and combination with real-time data, most solid data-set is generated for optimal risk calculation & management. 

What does this mean in practice?

AGRONOMEET connects and shows all farm data in real-time, such as automatically-collected data from weather stations, sensors, irrigation systems, tractors, drones, or manually integrated operators’ data & notes. Those data are then combined, enabling any farmer with a few simple clicks to easily access decision support. Users can also freely decide with whom they wish to share and exchange information, including pictures. This simple but safe function allows farmers to connect with their agronomic advisor for tele-agronomy, assign tasks within their teams, or build communities of best practice


The AGRONOMEET data journey

In short: AGRONOMEET suggests best practices and the right time to act, making agronomic, data-driven decisions more reliable. For digital agriculture with real impact.


In 2018, Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) approached EnvEve to jointly pioneer new approaches of combining digital agriculture with digital agri-insurance solutions. Our objective: making micro-insurance available and affordable for small hold farmers.

Announced in September 2019, the Resilience Engine (RE) was launched in Bangladesh, helping to de-risk farming in a holistic way, with the advent of climate change. RE is composed of a weather library automatically receiving satellite data to monitor insurance products in real-time, plus a product module including risk modeling, product configuration, agronomic advice, and claims management.

Resilience Engine is a marketplace for combined agronomic decision support and agricultural and climate risk insurance solutions globally. After a successful pilot with 675 rice farmers in 2019, of which about 50% were women, by end of 2021, over 100’00 smallholders in Bangladesh and Sudan benefitted from parametric micro-insurance protection for crops such as rice, potatoes, beans, sorghum, sesame and ground-nut. International expansion and scaling is ongoing.


Since 2011, the company’s proprietary IoT hard- and software platform FIRELESS 2 has been in use for environmental monitoring & risk mitigation by customers such as UNESCO for rock falls at the historic site of Petra, Jordan, Canton Ticino for forest fire prevention and bark beetles monitoring or Regione Lombardia for forest fires.

Dynamic forecasting of the risk of forest fires allows authorities to plan their standby services more effectively and is key to shorten intervention time.  Fireless2 is a joint development between EnvEve SA and WSL, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL. 

How does it work?

A set of sensors on and in the forest floor measure the moisture of forest litter and humus locally in real-time. The sensors are wirelessly connected to a solar-powered gateway that continually transmits the data. Data then are cleaned and aggregated for advanced data analytics based on carefully validated models. Taking the current meteorological data into account, a precise picture of the risk situation is provided with an index for decision support.

End of 2020, Enveve discontinued the FIRELESS 2 platform, integreting all know how into the AGRONOMEET platform.